Shadow EFT

Practitioner Certification

A 10-day intensive training intensive to master, hone and refine the skills and technology of transformation

Learn a clear and structured system and framework to facilitate integration, healing and inner harmonization


What is The Sanctum?

 It’s a school. It’s also a project, an initiative, an endeavor and a sanctuary. It’s a container that has been structured to facilitate continual development of and mastery over the most complex instrument in the known universe: the human mind.

“If you're feeling pulled in the direction of self mastery and helping others heal and develop, this will provide you with incredibly powerful tools that will assist you on your journey.”

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Offered within our Shadow EFT intensive:

  • Mind Harmonization Protocol

  • Cognitive Restructuring Tools

  • Emotional & Energetic Hygiene Practices

  • Self-Healing/Integration and Empowerment Methods 


Tune Your Instrument



-Breath Work

-Integrative Writing Techniques

-Life Force Cultivation, Movement, and Meridian Strengthening

-Prayer Technology


Basic Theory, Scales and Chord Structure


-Pattern of Inquiry

-Architectural Framework of Healing and Integration

-Linguistic Keys

-Advanced Applications and Techniques

-Parts work, coaching and psychodynamic interplay


Composition and Improvisation

(Defense and Creation)


-How to give and receive sessions

-Supervised Diad Trading

-Instruction in Group Facilitation

-Shadow Integration


Now, Practice.

Become a Shadow EFT Practitioner


Maintain clarity and grounded rationality while embracing everything that life can (and will) throw at you.

Pricing for the Inclusive Retreat

(Airfare not included)

Early Bird


Price goes up to $2,699 on Dec 20th

  •  •Jef’s online 4 week EFT intro course- you may join live or watch recording (Mandatory before retreat for certification.)

  • Lodging
  • 3 organic meals a day
  • Daily guided morning and evening practices
  • 10 days of training
  • Supervised practice hours
  • Course materials, workbooks


This retreat will be at the beautiful Camp Mexico, located in Zipolite, Oaxaca. The center is located a short walk to the beach and has a swimming pool, a sauna, open air spaces, and a fire pit. Camp provides potable water and mosquito nets for optimal comfort and safety!

Meet Your Instructors

Mos Jef

Mos Jef is a life coach and Master Level Practitioner and Teacher of the Emotional Freedom Technique. He is deeply integrated in his personal and professional usage of various psychetechnologies including EFT and Shadow Integration.

Jef has studied Shaolin Kung Fu, Chi Kung, Reiki, esoteric energetic practices, as well as cognitive sciences, giving him a deep understanding of how energetics, the body, and the mind all function in unison- and how to get them to coordinate on a deeper level.