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Shadow EFT
Practitioner Certification

Starting January, 2024

Develop, sharpen, and refine the technology of transformation

The Sanctum Online is the virtual version of our practitioner training, weaving together in-depth instruction of the emotional freedom technique, shadow integration and cognitive design into a unique hybrid modality equipping practitioners to guide people through transformational development and integrative healing at the deepest levels possible.

Deliver Life Changing Results as a Practitioner

Consistency, precision, accuracy, thoroughness, undeniable results and sheer potency are all core values of this framework.

Change the Way You See Yourself and Others

In developing multiple patterns of inquiry that allow us to look deeply within, we begin to perceive ourselves and the world around us in a much clearer and more enhanced way.

Become Embodied as a Guide and Healer

In order to be in integrity with these techniques, a solidified foundation of inner harmonization is crucial. By necessity, we must experience this work within ourselves first.


Master evolutionary tools and frameworks to confidently help people navigate the most powerful parts of the human experience


The intention of this program is to equip you to provide the deepest value possible to both yourself and the people around you. Whether as a coach, a therapist, a teacher, a community member, a leader, a partner, or simply as a family member and friend, the ability to profoundly help people heal their deepest traumas and assist them in moving powerfully towards their highest ideal and greatest self-actualization is one of the greatest gifts we can ever provide.


What is The Sanctum?

 It’s a school. It’s also a project, an initiative, an endeavor and a sanctuary. It’s a container that has been structured to facilitate continual development of and mastery over the most complex instrument in the known universe: the human mind

What we will cover in the 3 month certification program:


  • Emotional and Energetic Hygiene
  • Basic to Advanced level EFT Theory and Application
  • Architectural Substructure of Healing and Integration
  • The Neuroscience of the Emotional Freedom Technique 
  • Shadow Integration Framework
  • Cognitive Design Templates
  • Deprogramming Trauma Responses
  • Subconcious Repatterning
  • Energetic Container Creation and Maintenance
  • Improvisational Artistry of Commanding Consciousness
  • Psycholinguistic and Personality Pattern Recognition

The Structure of the Program


3 Modules over 12 weeks

•Weekly informative videos

•Weekly live training calls

•1:1 Coaching Support with Jef

•Recorded Demo Sessions

•Diad Trades

•Group Dynamic Supervision

•Integrative Coursework  Assignments

•Optional In-Person Retreat Immersion


This is for you if:

-You are wanting to learn how to truly help people 

- You're finding yourself coming up against blocks and patterns that seem immovable 

-You're familiar with EFT and/or Shadow Integration and want to enhance your skill and understanding of them both

-You want to understand how to weave multiple psychotechnolgies together into a powerful skillset

- You are ready to completely own your own self healing and integration process

-You're ready to step into a massively up-leveled functionality of leadership and expression

-You prioritize inner strength, calm, peace, energetic efficiency and vitality

-You're ready to truly learn how to assist others in healing completely from trauma and moving towards that which is most meanigful to them

This is not for you if:


-You're looking for a quick and easy fix to complex issues

-You're not willing to lean into discomfort

-You don't enjoy learning or self work

-You're more interested in certification or money than actually helping people

-You're not willing to show up consistently throughout the program to solidify your skill set and understanding of the material

-You're not open to developing and maintaining connectivity with our group for the duration of our course

Learn a clear and structured system and framework to facilitate integration, healing, and inner harmonization.

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