Breakthrough Session

Private Coaching

The only limit to what is possible is your belief structure and imagination

Both of these are adjustable.

The progress and internal development that results from working in a coaching container is exponential and profound.

We help you clarify your desired outcome and ideal vision.

We help you identify your blocks, internal resistances, energetic scar tissue and previously unexamined biases, beliefs, desires and subconscious motivations.

My job is the help you regain connection to the deepest and most fundamental aspects of your mind, and then learn to work harmoniously with them.

It is an empowering journey that is deeply enjoyable, raw, powerful and profoundly elegant.

You will be astounded by what is possible for you, the person you become and what you are capable of as you learn to intentionally command your consciousness from a place of peace.

I'll be in your corner the whole time.

How it Works


Cognitive Design

Integrative coaching, master level EFT transmissions, shadow integration

Custom Tapping

Linguistic alchemy, depth analysis, thought repatterning and energetic/emotional hiegene.

Weekly Integration Calls

Consistent progress builds our work into a sustainable skillset you can use anytime you need.

Course Library

Access to the entirety of my cognitive enhancement library.

Does this sound like what you've been looking for?

Book a consult and let me help you get clear and accurate perspective on where you want to go.

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